Machine Data Delivered.

Industrial IoT Intelligence platform for today’s
demanding businesses

What we do

Manufacturing Intelligence

A unified industrial IoT platform designed for today’s machines and fast-paced manufacturing and industrial companies.

Production Monitoring

Monitor vital production data such as machine utilization, downtime, productivity and OEE trends.

Monitoring +

Leverage real-time machine data to monitor performance, anomaly detection and improve uptimes.

Maintenance Management +

Manage your maintenance programs within a unified CMMS solution to streamline your operations.


Wirelessly track WIP, raw materials and items within your facilities. Track assets across the world with smart GPS devices.

Unified Machine Management

Full life-cycle management of your critical machinery, equipment and components along your manufacturing and industrial processes.

Monitor production activity, machine fleet performance and health along with managing your maintenance programs within one unified cloud-based platform.

Our Benefits

Machine Visibility Delivered

We provide an all-in-one software solution designed to seamlessly improve visibility into machine operations and improve process efficiencies within manufacturing and industrial operations.

Collect Data​

- Plug-and-play IIoT Sensors
- Industrial Network Friendly
- Secure Data Transmission
- Stand-alone Cellular Connectivity

Process Data

- Real-time Data Streaming
- Machine Health & Events
- Time Series Graphs
- Machine Learning & Anomaly Detection

Drive Data

- Event Driven Processes
- Email/SMS/3rd Party Notifications
- Visual Dashboard Indicators
- Reporting & Data Exporting

Exchange Data

- Custom Bidirectional Web API’s
- Streaming MQTT/JSON Payloads
- CSV/Excel Exporting
- 3rd Party API Integrations

Industrial Machine Platform

Edge I/O Connectivity
Open Sensor Platform
Machine Learning Engine
Platform Benefits

Plug-and-play wireless
sensor solutions.

Edge I/O

Securely collect and process
on-premises OT and I/O data.

Stand-Alone Cellular Connectivity

Secure stand-alone outbound data transmission via cellular networks.

Made for Industrial

ompatible with CNC’s, lathes, motors, pumps, compressors,
& many others.

Sensor &
Gateway Agnostic

Compatible with all IoT
sensors and gateways via
MQTT protocol.

Web Based

User-friendly web interface for
use on computers, tablets, & mobile devices.

Industrial Use Case

Improve production efficiency and visibility across your machine fleet.

Gain powerful insights into the productivity of your machine fleet.  Measure machine utilization, downtime, OEE and capture downtime failure codes.

Gain visibility into machine performance metrics while reducing downtime.

View real-time machine performance metrics across multiple machines.  Analyze historical sensor and machine utilization data.  Capture data anomalies and events with built-in machine learning algorithms.

Manage maintenance programs electronically powered by real-time sensor data.

Electronically manage your maintenance programs and work orders.  Built-in smart job orders automatically schedule maintenance jobs based on machine utilization and sensor events.

WIP/Item Tracking
Wirelessly track multiple job orders, WIP, and materials across your facilities.

Leverage industrial wireless devices to automatically track WIP, job orders and raw materials across your facilities down to a few meters using quick-deploy BLE devices.

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