Real-time A.I. Performance and Location Tracking

Performance Tracking and Asset
Intelligence Monitoring Systems

Downtime can be devastating for manufacturing businesses. Workflow outages caused by malfunctioning machines, maintenance, and asset unavailability can severely impact rates of production. Flexvertical specializes in remote reporting technologies that maintain optimum machine performance and health. Based in Houston, Texas, we assist companies of all sizes throughout the United States.

Real-Time Machine Monitoring

Flexvertical performance tracking and asset intelligence products will allow you to monitor every aspect of your industrial processes and avoid costly outages. Our systems incorporate cutting-edge smart sensors, artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, and machine learning to deliver flexible asset intelligence and location awareness solutions for a range of industrial applications. 

These asset intelligence monitoring systems can be deployed in production facilities across multiple industries, giving you comprehensive information in real-time.

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Plug-And-Play Solutions

Flexvertical specializes in simple-to-deploy machine learning solutions. Benefit from sophisticated plug-and-play solutions that avoid downtime caused by malfunctioning machines, maintenance, and asset unavailability. Our systems will give you greater control over the disbursement and efficiency of assets by providing crucial intelligence and sensory data.

Oil and Gas

Flexvertical provides oil operators, drilling contractors, and services providers effective solutions to improve their productivity.


Flexvertical products can reduce operational costs for a wide range of industrial applications, including construction, railway, and utilities.


Control every aspect of your manufacturing processes. Our systems are ideal for equipment manufacturers, fabricators, and after-market service providers.


Flexvertical provides multiple service solutions for many industrial sectors including equipment rentals, equipment-as-a-service, and equipment services.

Complete Asset Intelligence Solutions

Flexvertical offers industries and businesses simple-to-deploy machine learning solutions. Our systems are plug-and-play solutions for maintaining optimum machine performance. Easily adaptable, our products can be functional within 25 minutes. You won’t have to invest in a costly installation process and won’t need a large consulting firm on call. Full support services from our team in Houston, Texas, are available via email or phone for all of our cloud-based systems.



Avoid production line problems before they even happen and maintain peak productivity.



Enhance overall equipment efficiencies (OEE) and machine key performance indicators (KPIs).



Flexvertical products cut downtime costs caused by machine maintenance or malfunctions.

Powered by A.I. Machine Learning

Our innovative systems will help you improve overall equipment efficiencies (OEE), enhance machine key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce non-productive time (NPT), and promote LEAN business principles.


Flex-Monitor provides real-time data on machine performance and health status to ensure equipment is performing optimally.


Flex-Location uses an industrial beacon to track a machine or inventory’s movement within a facility or area in real-time.

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Anticipate Problems, Increase Productivity

Avoid costly downtime with effective asset intelligence monitoring systems. Contact us for a free consultation on your needs.

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