Asset Intelligence and Location Tracking Technology Solutions

Flexvertical helps to solve downtime issues with remote reporting using technologies that include machine learning, artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, and remote sensors. Our systems monitor and report on machines’ health and movement in real-time so that preventative maintenance and servicing can reduce downtime and other problems.

Overcome Logistical and Efficiency Challenges

The Flexvertical team’s experience and expertise in industrial production allow us to deliver innovative, high-tech solutions to organizational, logistical, and efficiency challenges. Flexvertical is U.S.-based, with our head office in Houston, Texas. We take pride in our creative engineering team and always seek to go farther than our competitors. We serve multiple industries with A.I. technology that gets smarter and more efficient every day. Using the very latest smart sensors technology, Flexvertical delivers cutting-edge asset intelligence solutions. 

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Introducing Our CEO, Daniel P. Pacheco

CEO Daniel Pacheco has more than 24 years of combined experience in the energy, oil and gas, and information technology sectors. A passionate entrepreneur, Daniel Pacheco is dedicated to continuing the innovation and creativity that has made Flexvertical a a leader in asset tracking and intelligence. 

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