Contact Flexvertical for Asset Management Solutions

The quick-deployment machine learning A.I. tracking and monitoring systems from Flexvertical can improve asset availability, extend asset lifetime, and reduce operational costs across a range of industries. Our systems use cutting-edge sensors to deliver real-time machine location, performance, and health status. 

Enhance Equipment Efficiencies

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Using our Flex-Location and Flex-Monitor systems will drastically enhance overall equipment efficiencies (OEE), improve machine key performance indicators (KPIs), decrease non-productive time (NPT), and encourage Lean business principles. Contact our head office in Houston, Texas by using the Contact Us form on this page to set up a free, one-on-one consultation on your needs and receive a custom quote.

Comprehensive Data in Real-Time

Industrial and manufacturing enterprises can be damaged by downtime caused by malfunctions, maintenance, servicing, and support of critical assets. The innovative Flexvertical systems can provide you with reliable machine and operational data across multiple sites and locations. 

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