Real-time A.I. Asset Location Monitoring

The Flex-Location asset location awareness system will give your business the power to improve asset identification, tracking, and utilization. The Flexvertical team of creative engineers in Houston, Texas, developed Flex-Location to assist companies in managing critical assets, as well as enhancing O.E.E. and tracking performance KPI’s across facilities and processes.

Powerful Location Awareness Solutions

Instead of GPS, Flex-Location uses industrial Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons to detect a machine’s movement. This technology allows businesses to remotely track the movement of personnel, products or machines and manage vital assets in real-time. Flex-Location features an A.I.-powered location engine which is a highly customizable, scalable, and cost-effective, Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), ideal for the oil and gas sector, as well as industrial and manufacturing applications.

Immediate Performance Insights

Flex-Location provides intelligent location and sensor awareness to critical assets across multiple sites. This system allows for 24/7 tracking and monitoring and real-time data streaming for immediate insights into performance.

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Enhanced Asset Allocation and Utilization

Flex-Location provides you with an all-in-one solution to improve asset identification, tracking, and utilization.

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Remote, Real-Time Tracking

Powerful machine learning and wireless Bluetooth communication allow you to track assets around the world in real-time, boosting deployment and usage efficiency. 

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Effectively Manage Critical Assets

Flex-Location provides data crucial to managing critical assets, improving O.E.E., and keeping track of performance KPIs across multiple facilities and processes.

Scalable to Your Needs

Flex-Location is completely scalable and can accurately track a small number of critical assets or monitor hundreds of assets across multiple locations. The data provided will allow you to design more efficient workflows based on asset movement and utilization data.

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Flex-Location Features


Zonal Tracking

  • Virtual zones within your facilities
  • Zonal tracking provides companies the ability to create scalable virtual areas within a physical space to detect assets within a specified area.
  • Track hundreds of assets within a zone at any given time.
  • Measure and record zone durations, total hours and movement history plus much more.

Movement & Shock Detection

  • Detect abnormal movements & impacts
  • Our industrial wireless sensors come equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer to sense physical movements and activity.
  • This enables operations teams to know when assets are operational or experiencing abnormal activity such as extreme shock, vibration or tilting.

Proximity Awareness

  • Detect movement & activity in large open areas
  • Proximity awareness enables the ability to detect assets traversing large open areas where precision location is not required.
  • Detect capital equipment and raw materials in outdoor storage areas, large industrial parks and open-air facilities.


  • Track equipment temperature
  • Our industrial wireless sensors are equipped with temperature sensors that capture temperature data directly from an asset for alerts and triggers.
  • Detect abnormal temperature levels and create smart notifications. Our edge controllers also provide ambient temperature and humidity data across zones.

Flex-Location is Absolutely Packed With Features

  • Boost personnel productivity
    Improve operating throughput with live search & find in warehouses, intra-logistics and manufacturing.
  • Reduce Waste Time
    Reduce non-value activity spent coordinating and searching for assets.
  • Avoid Production Interruption
    Always find the required workpieces and materials in time.
  • Improve Return on Net Assets
    Reduce scrappage, shrinkage and optimize work in progress inventory
  • Wireless Monitoring
    Wireless sensors mount onto the equipment continuously stream location data.
  • Visual Location
    Live searched item on a floor plan view.
  • Physical Feedback
    Locate physical item at high speed.
  • Deliver on time and optimize production processes.
    Flex-Location helps you discover the bottlenecks in each phase in the production process. It accelerates issue reporting and reduces the time required to react, giving you insights based on the real-time data collected.
  • Improve Production Planning
    Get a complete overview of WIP quantities at different stages of production to produce just-in-time and reduce bound capital.
  • Reduce Waste
    Accelerate issue reporting and leverage real-time data collected to discover the root cause of problems in the production process.
  • Increase Traceability
    Automatically document the production history of each product and be prepared for audits. Answer client requests by having 100% visibility into order status.
  • Quick Search
    Simple Google-style bar for searching based on owner, order ID, PNR, MPR, location or any other metadata.
  • Track & Trace Dashboard
    Search Statistics including time saved, search queries executed and productivity performance.
  • Productivity Dashboard
    Granular labor and production performance overview.
  • Production Flow Dashboard
    Real-time status overview of all orders in production.
  • Gain visibility into all of your assets
    Flex-Location helps you track and inventory movable assets in real-time, without the hassle of manual, barcode-based inventory scanning processes.
  • Decrease Stock-Taking Costs
    Reduce non-value activity spent on annual inventory documentation with automated, granular reports using real-time location.
  • Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency
    Track real-time and historical equipment utilization and machine conditions and get alerts when anomalies are detected.
  • Reduce CAPEX Over-Purchasing
    Eliminate the need to build a large safety inventory. Reduce scrappage and shrinkage of valuable assets with live and historical analyses of asset utilization.
  • Visual Location
    Live searched item on a floor plan view.
  • Asset Status
    Live and historical location and sensor data.
  • Equipment & Asset Utilization Analysis
    Asset and machine status, utilization and service statistics.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Real-time notification as soon as anomalies from third-party sensor patterns are detected including light, temperate, vibration sensors.
  • Reduce Risk of Non-Operational Equipment
    Monitor maintenance cycles of equipment and plan maintenance strategically by taking their current location and utilization into account.
  • Decrease Costs for Inventory Management
    Track real-time and historical equipment utilization and location data in order to make physical inventory obsolete.
  • Control Over Investment in Unnecessary Inventory
    Eliminate the need to build a large reserve inventory of valuable assets with real-time and historical analyses of asset utilization.

Technical Specifications

Our engineers in Houston, Texas work in partnership with Confidex. Together, we use the Viking Bluetooth® Low-Energy industrial beacon to track the location of assets and personnel. Optional sensors can be used to capture environmental data.

  • Connectivity – Beacons communicate directly with industrial AI edge controllers via Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE).
  • Dimensions – 56 mm x 54 mm x 19 mm (2.2″ x 2.125″ x .75″)
  • Protection Class – IP68
  • Sensors – Accelerometer: 3-axis acceleration sensor. Temperature sensor.
  • Range – Up to 200m (656 ft)
  • Temperature – -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to Maximum:+140°F)
  • Memory – 512 kB Flash, 64kB RAM
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Enhance the management of your critical assets with real-time data from Flex-Location. Contact us today to learn more.

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