Achieve a New Level of Asset Intelligence with Flex-Monitor

By being proactive about maintaining and servicing machinery and equipment, companies and industries can avoid costs caused by malfunctions and unplanned downtime. The Flex-Monitor system from Flexvertical uses machine learning and high-tech sensors to detect and report machine performance and health status in real-time. This allows controllers to access operational data they need to anticipate issues before they occur and avoid production delays. Contact our head office in Houston to discuss how Flex-Monitor can enhance your business. 

Avoid Performance Anomalies

Flex-Monitor gives you real-time monitoring data on machine performance and health. Unlike competing systems, Flex-Monitor uses machine learning A.I. and smart sensor technology to monitor, identify, and predict performance anomalies and reduce downtime. The Flex-Monitor system has been successfully deployed in the oil and gas sector, among others.

Reduction in equipment downtime

Improvement in equipment life

Reduction in maintenance cost

Improve Performance and Efficiency

Our innovative system can improve overall equipment efficiencies (OEE) and machine key performance indicators (KPIs), and reduce non-productive time (NPT).

High Capability Sensors

Flex-Monitor uses Connected Industrial Sensor Solution by BOSCH® to detect and report machine performance and health status in real-time.

Predictive Capabilities

Highly sophisticated technology means that Flex-Monitor can predict maintenance issues before they happen, reducing costly downtime.

Safeguard Operational Workflows

Flex-Monitor provides crucial data that will allow your organization to be proactive rather than reactive to any machine breakdowns.

Value-add Insights

The adaptive machine learning engine provides an accurate real-world performance model of your asset to detect performance issues, identify mechanical anomalies, and trigger alerts or notifications.


Data Scalability

Whether collecting A single sensor dataset from one asset or aggregating machine data from industiral systems; the Flexvertical data engine is designed to scale with your data needs.

Continuous Online Data

Online data provides an advantage over traditional methods that require manual data collection on mechanical systems increasing the room for human errors and machine-related accidents.

Flex-Monitor Features

Web & Mobile Application

Our software platform is available in a range of form factors, including web browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Analyze your assets using our user-friendly web-based portal with intuitive navigation menus and data visualization features. A mobile application is also available to provide your asset data on the go. View vital asset details, performance data, alerts and notifications from your favorite Android and iOS mobile device. This enables the ability to effectively manage your fleet of critical assets on the go.


Open Integration

Our asset intelligence solution is compatible with existing industrial computing environments for rapid scalability using data-historian interchange for data collaboration across distributed systems. Alternatively, you can communicate with enterprise cloud services with standard application programming interfaces (APIs) to stream asset performance data across external systems and mobile applications.

Multi-Sensor Solution

As a multi-sensor device It is suitable for various machines and applications.

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Quick Deploy Controllers

Edge controlers are pre-configured and can be installed without the need for IT support.

There is So Much Flex-Monitor Tracks


Detect complex anomalies from real-time sensor data.


Predict equipment failure days in advance with associated probability.


Uncover component- and sensor-level factors that resulted in the failure.

Asset Life
Expectancy Prediction

Assess equipment health and potential remaining useful life.

Downtime Duration &
Productivity Impact

Analyze upcoming downtime and gauge impact on production.


Determine optimal maintenance to maximize value.

Machine Learning

Unsupervised learning for anomaly detection, supervised learning for failure prediction.


Ability to deploy the same model across a variety of assets and failure modes with feature changes.

Total Data Scalability

Flex-Monitor will make sure your machinery is always operating at peak performance. The system is powered by the Connected Industrial Sensor Solution by BOSCH®. This multi-sensor device is based on MEMS technology and can be integrated as initial equipment or retrofit to existing equipment. All sensor data systems are totally scalable to your needs, whether those are gathering a single-sensor dataset from one asset or aggregating machine data from multiple industrial systems. 

Flexvertical system

Sensor Technical Specifications


  • CISS sensors connect directly to industrial edge controller via USB 2.0 (Single or multi-sensor asset configurations available)


  • L 53.2 mm x W 80.0 mm x H 21.3 mm

Protection Class

  • IP54


  • Accelerometer: 3-axis acceleration sensor – BMA280
  • Gyroscope: 3-axis angular velocity sensor – BMG 160
  • Magnetometer: 3-axis magnetometer – BMC150
  • Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor: BME 280
  • Digital light sensor: MAX44009
  • Microphone: AKU340

Sampling Rates

  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer: ≤ 100Hz
  • Special mode accelerometer: 2 kHz
  • Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, light sensor, microphone: ≤ 1Hz
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Avoid downtime and enhance productivity with Flex-Monitor. Contact our team in Houston, Texas, for more information. 

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