Asset Monitoring and Tracking
Technology for Manufacturing Plants

Loss of production time caused by machine breakdowns or servicing can severely hamper the profitability of manufacturing plants and factories. Flexvertical’s asset solutions are ideal for manufacturing sectors such as equipment manufacturers, fabricators, and after-market service providers. Our systems will ensure that your production process is efficient and any downtime resulting from malfunctioning machines, maintenance, or asset unavailability is minimized or avoided completely.

Quick-deployment machine learning-powered A.I.

The fully customized, quick-deployment machine learning-powered A.I. tracking and monitoring systems from Flexvertical can enhance the efficiency of any manufacturing production plant, facility, or factory. Our technology is fully plug-and-play and can be up and running in just 25 minutes. We deliver real solutions for maintaining machine performance and health.


Flex-Monitor provides real-time data on machine performance and health status to ensure equipment (especially assembly line equipment) is performing optimally.


Flex-Location uses an industrial beacon to track a machine’s movement within a facility or area in real-time.

Achieve Exceptional Efficiency

The Flex-Monitor and Flex-Location systems will enhance overall equipment efficiencies (OEE) and machine key performance indicators (KPIs) while reducing non-productive time (NPT) and promoting LEAN business principles.

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