Oil and Gas Asset Monitoring Solutions

The oil and gas industry requires stakeholders and managers to disperse assets and personnel over many different locations. The cutting-edge machine learning A.I. tracking and monitoring technology from Flexvertical gives oil and gas companies the ability to assess machine health and performance across multiple industries in real-time.

Better Asset Management Systems

Oil and gas industry drilling contractors and services providers rely on the efficient management of assets, machinery, and people in order to stay profitable. Our quick-deployment Flex-Monitor and Flex-Location systems are designed to boost OEE (overall equipment efficiencies), improve machine/performance KPIs, reduce NPT (non-productive time), and enhance LEAN principles.

Accurate A.I. Tracking and Monitoring Technology

The remarkable machine learning A.I. tracking and monitoring technology from Flexvertical allows managers to obtain location and performance data in real-time. This information can be used to increase efficiency and avoid downtime caused by machine malfunctions, maintenance, or servicing. 


Flex-Monitor provides real-time data on machine performance and health status to ensure equipment is performing optimally.


Flex-Location uses an industrial beacon to track a machine’s movement within a facility or area in real-time.

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Contact our office in Houston, Texas, for information on the Flex-Monitor and Flex-Location systems.

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