Industrial Asset Location
and Monitoring Systems

Ensuring that day-to-day industrial operations remain unencumbered by downtime caused by malfunctioning machinery can be challenging. Flexvertical offers industrial enterprises fully customized asset location and monitoring solutions that provide real-time performance data on machine location, performance, and health status. To enquire about our products or request a demo, contact us today.

Maintain Optimal Machine Performance

Flexvertical helps industrial businesses efficiently maintain machine performance and health. Using our innovative systems can drastically improve overall equipment efficiencies (OEE), machine key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce non-productive time (NPT), and promote LEAN business principles. 

Real-Time Performance Data

Our systems were designed to bridge the gap between real-time performance data, service history, and operational workflows within one unified platform. The quick-deployment Flex-Monitor and Flex-Location systems can be used in a variety of industrial applications including construction, railway, and utilities.


Flex-Monitor provides real-time data on machine performance and health status to ensure equipment (especially assembly line equipment) is performing optimally.


Flex-Location uses an industrial beacon to track a machine’s movement within a facility or area in real-time.

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Contact our office in Houston, Texas, for details on our industrial asset location and monitoring systems.

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