Machine Learning Efficiency
Solutions for the Services Industry

Boost efficiency and KPIs with the machine learning-powered A.I. tracking and monitoring technology from Flexvertical. Based in Houston, Texas, Flexvertical provides multiple solutions ideal for many industries, including equipment rentals, equipment-as-a-service, and equipment services. Our innovative systems and equipment can be fully customized to suit your exact requirements.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Monitoring Services

Flexvertical helps businesses, industrial enterprises and manufacturers more efficiently maintain machine performance and health. Our systems provide flexible asset technology solutions that can dramatically boost your production rates. If you would like to learn how our machine learning A.I. tracking and monitoring systems can enhance your operations, please contact our head office in Houston, Texas, today.

Stay on Track

Flexvertical’s tracking and monitoring technology is ideal for medium-to-large-sized manufacturing and industrial facilities.


Add Value and Sustainable Improvements

Innovative machine learning technology that promotes LEAN business principles.


Attain Optimal Efficiency

Flexvertical systems improve overall equipment efficiencies (OEE).


Maintain Machine Performance

Our solutions enhance machine key performance indicators (KPIs).


Reduce Malfunctions and Maintenance 

The Flex-Monitor and Flex-Location systems can decrease non-productive time (NPT).

Total Productivity Solutions

The Flex-Monitor and Flex-Location systems can be customized for a wide range of applications and are used in everything from bottling plants to manufacturing plants to large oil rigs, refineries, and warehouses. If productivity is key to maintaining the profitability of your business, contact Flexvertical in Houston, Texas, today to request a demo of our solutions.

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Reduce downtime and enhance efficiency with Flexvertical. Contact us today for information on our products.

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